Introducing...Tuesday Tips!
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Tuesday, February 05, 2013
By -L
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Hello and Happy Tuesday!

Speaking of Tuesday...It happens to be a great day to start something new!

(Mondays are too scary for new things)

So today we are introducing...

Tuesday Tips!


Tidbits, tips, & tricks. 

From us, and some of the experts we love to work with.

Hairstylists/Makeup Artists/Videographers/Florists...etc.

Some will be wedding related, a little photography info, and probably a few random bits here and there.

We hope you enjoy it!


*I feel like we need to insert a disclaimer here*

These tips are by no means hard and fast rules, please take them as suggestions.

We realize there will always be exceptions, some things might not apply to certain situations,

and of course- there are many varied opinions on every subject, ours is not necessarily right, just right for us :)


 Today's tip is for non-photographers

(and anyone who doesn't regularly use image files)

There are many commonly misused, misunderstood and mysterious terms in this industry-

Try to learn some of the vocabulary...

It will greatly benefit you when you're trying to explain what you're looking for, or what you like & dislike.


RAW file

 Most people take it to mean exactly what it sounds like.

Straight from the source, untouched, in its original form- like raw food.

 What it actually means: 

While it is those things mentioned above, it's also much more.

A simplified definition would be, a RAW file is a type of file. (Identified as: .NEF for Nikon or .CR2 for Canon)

RAW files are huge, contain a lot of information and can only be opened/processed with specific softwares.

For photographers, graphic designers, etc... These files offer many benefits and possibilities.

To the average consumer it would be a headache!

A bit like handing you a basket full of ingredients when all you want is a slice of cake.

Our Advice:

Find a bakery ...ahem... photographer whose style suits your taste,

then trust them to use their expertise in creating the product that you are looking for. 



Straight out of camera (simple Acronym)


...and now, for a fun one...


Aka "Circles of confusion"

 Visible in images with a shallow depth of field or blurred backgrounds.

You might love it or hate it- but either way, it's good to be able to identify it.


 Had to use this image, because Mardi Gras happens to be next tuesday!

Laissez les bons temps rouler!!!

(Let the good times roll)



Please Let us know what you think of Tuesday tips in the comments section, or just leave us some love!

If you have any other terms you want demystified, or specific areas of interest you want to know about-

let us know!


Thanks for reading, and have an enchanting day!


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Derrick Perrin - Great job your two. Keep up the good work!
-Derrick with Big Box Pro Wedding Video